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  • QUALITY. -- USAC produces a very high-quality line of products under stringent quality control procedures.
  • PROPRIETARY FURNACE DESIGN. —To allow the removal of lead, silver, gold, and other impurities from the oxide.
  • OXIDE PRODUCED FROM METAL OR CRUDE OXIDE. —All oxide is produced from metal or crude oxide.
  • REDUCTION PLANTS. —USAC has reduction plants in Mexico and in Montana that allow the Company to produce metal from ores, concentrates, residues, spent catalyst, and many other feeds.
  • DEDICATED PRODUCTION LINES. --  USAC has nine different production lines to produce oxide of different particle sizes and quality.
  • DIVERSE LINE OF PRODUCTS. --  USAC produces four different grades of antimony oxide, catalyst-grade antimony oxide, antimony pentoxide, glass grade and FR grade sodium antimonate, and metal.
  • COMPREHENSIVE QUALITY CONTROL LABORATORY. — Comprehensive quality control includes ICP, flame AA, hot graphite AA, XRD, Sedigraph, Fisher sub sieve sizer, Datacolor spectrophotometer, wet chemical, ore dressing, autoclave, and tinting strength equipment.
  • RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT. —The Company is continuously working on new products. At the current time, a flame retardant/smoke suppressant system is being developed.
  • BLENDING CAPABILITY. —USAC is able to blend up to truckload quantities of product to homogenize.
  • SPECIALTY PACKAGING. —packaging includes paper bags, EVA bags, bulk bags, pneumatic tank trucks, and a variety of other packaging options.
  • WETTING.—wetting for dust control is available with numerous plasticizers.
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT. —The QC and R & D departments work closely with the customer to solve problems.
  • VERTICALLY INTEGRATED. —USAC has mine capability in Montana and Mexico to supply the United States during Chinese crises.
  • DOMESTIC. —USAC produces all its finished goods domestically.
  • INDEPENDENT. —USAC is customer sensitive, and antimony is the main business of the Company.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE. —USAC runs a clean plant and often times reprocesses spent catalyst and waste streams from other plants.







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