"VERY FINE" ANTIMONY OXIDE (VF) - The particle size is 0.4 to 0.8 microns.  It has a very high tint strength. It has a higher tint strength than (MP).

"MICROPURE" ANTIMONY OXIDE (MP). - The particle size of MP is typically 0.80 to 1.1 microns. It has a fine particle size and a very high tint strength and is preferred in many applications such as the enameling of cast iron.

"HIGH TINT" ANTIMONY OXIDE (HT). - HT is the industry standard antimony oxide, and it has a particle size of 1.1 to 1.8 microns. The product is used in most applications.

"LOW TINT" ANTIMONY OXIDE (LT). - L T is a mixture of senarmontite, and typically more than 3% valentinite with an average particle size of 1.8 to 3.0 microns. It is used where a low tint strength is desirable to reduce the cost of pigments.

LOW DUST ANTIMONY OXIDE PRODUCTS. - VP, MP, HT, and L T antimony oxide are offered in several different ways to minimize dust:

Wetted Antimony Oxide. - Montana Brand antimony oxides are "wetted" to reduce dust formation typically with 3 to 4% diisodecyl phthalate (OIOP), dioctyl phthalate (OOP), diisononyl phthalate (OINP), or ethylene glycol (EG).

PVC, EVA Polyethylene or Butadiene bags. - The antimony oxide can be supplied in low melt polyethylene, pve, EVA or butadiene bags that can be charged directly into a resin batch.

Bulk Tank Trucks. - Antimony oxide is also sold in pneumatic discharge tank trucks (PO's) with capacities up to 48,000 pounds. The PO's can be discharged directly into silos to reduce handling.

Bulk bags, hoppers, and totes. - Antimony oxide in two to four thousand pound bulk bags, hoppers, and totes is also sold to reduce dusting. They can be discharged directly into materials handling equipment or silos.

Antimony Concentrates
. - Antimony oxide is also offered in various concentrates with loading of up to 90%. A paraffin concentrate is offered that provides a release lubricant for moldinq. Other concentrates are offered that are compatible with most resin formulations. "Master batch" formulations can be provided for let down purposes.






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